Upgrade logistics services to provide the perfect logistics solution for your goods.

We cherish every order we receive, no matter the size of the order, we hope to provide you with the best quality service experience. When we finish production, the biggest problem we need to solve is the follow-up transportation work.
We have recently updated our packaging! The hardness of the outer carton has been strengthened to ensure the safety of the contents to the greatest extent. For fragile products, we add a thick layer of bubble film to wrap the product to avoid damage caused by extrusion or falling during transportation.

When we use container shipping, we have experienced loading personnel, can maximize the use of container space, as far as possible to load more goods, save your freight costs. In the container, each carton is neatly placed and secured, reducing the damage caused by shaking in transit.
Even if your order is a small batch purchase, or even if you do not have any import and customs clearance experience, we have multiple logistics partners who have worked with us for many years to provide fast, safe and reliable transportation services in multiple countries. They can deliver to your door and help you with customs clearance. In other words, you only need to accept the goods at home after placing the order, making your ordering process simple and convenient.
In addition, whether it is container transportation or the transportation of small batches of goods, we can provide you with logistics tracking and logistics information feedback, you can timely understand the transportation status of your goods. We strive to use efficient and transparent logistics services so that you can receive your desired products on time and safely.
If you have any questions about shipping or ordering, please feel free to contact us!


Post time: 2023-07-12 14:28:57