To guide the trend of environmental protection, wood food packaging appeared at the 2020 Shanghai International Bakery Show

We are very honored to be invited to participate in this international bakery exhibition held in Shanghai. As the world's leading supplier of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, we are committed to developing new environmentally friendly materials and doing our part to protect the global environment. At the exhibition, our wooden packaging was surprisingly a hot topic.

We are a professional manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging. Our raw material is used as a high-quality new material, which is a chip of wood with a thickness between 1.2mm and 2mm. It is flattened, pasteurized, spun and bonded to form the wooden food boxes we present. The wood itself has not been bleached, and you can appreciate the natural rustic feeling brought by the color of the wood itself, which can make the food appear more elegant.

We are showcasing our different types of lunch boxes at this exhibition. Rectangle, square, circle, oval, the size is also very rich. There is a wooden box size of 20, can meet the full range of customers for different capacity of food packaging requirements. In addition, wood chips have a good insulation and fresh-keeping effect, which can keep food fresh for a long time, as if it has just finished cooking. Our wooden box design is also very ergonomic, it is very light, easy to carry, suitable for children.

Our wooden lunch boxes can be completely degraded without causing any pollution to the environment. It has a beautiful appearance and supports custom sizes and printed patterns. As long as the customer simply sends us the size or pattern that needs to be customized, we can quickly complete the production of the sample. I'm sure our product will bring great response to the market.

Through this exhibition, we are honored to have in-depth exchanges with many partners and experts in the industry. We also look forward to promoting our environmental protection concept to more consumers in the future. We hope to make greater contributions to the cause of environmental protection.

Post time: 2023-07-12 14:15:08