Perfect and Cheap Disposable Wood Trays for Dish Preparation or Food Display

We solemnly introduce to you our new product, a disposable large-size wooden tray with a transparent lid.
Different from traditional thick wooden pallets, we use wood chips with a thickness of 1.2~2mm to assemble wooden pallets of different sizes, and cover them with a layer of oil-proof and waterproof paper membrane. The surface is smooth and burr-free. Tough and durable, it is not easily damaged even if it falls from a height. Although its wood chips are very thin, its load-bearing capacity is amazing. When filled with food, you can easily lift the tray without worrying about the tray deforming and causing the food to fall. Our thin wood pallets save a lot of wood and are therefore cheap, making wooden pallets an affordable takeaway package. In addition, each of our sizes can be equipped with a transparent PET cover to meet the needs of some customers to protect food during delivery.
Our wooden boxes have strict sterilization procedures and have passed SGS and CE tests and meet hygiene requirements. The logo can be customized on the wooden box. As a novel disposable food packaging, customized logo will attract more attention of diners, which plays a good role in promoting the brand.

Post time: 2024-01-30 17:07:16