Premium Bakery Wrapping Supplies - Silicone Paper


  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand name:Takpak
  • Certification:SGS, FDA, CE

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Discover a new way of baking with our top-notch bakery wrapping supplies, specifically our exquisite Silicone paper. Operating under the reputable banner of Suqian Dagouxiang, we take pride in providing high-quality baking essentials that promote a seamless and enjoyable baking experience. At the heart of our bakery wrapping supplies lies our Silicone paper. Our Silicone paper isn’t your ordinary baking wrap. It's a premium-grade baking accessory designed with a keen understanding of your culinary needs. It's dexterously designed with a non-stick grade, ensuring your baked goods can be removed effortlessly without causing any damage. This unique trait of our Silicone paper not only ensures your baked creations maintain their perfect shape, but it also significantly cuts down your cleaning time! One of the distinct attributes of our Silicone paper is its flexibility. Whether you're baking cookies, pastries, or any culinary confections, our Silicone paper always guarantees impeccable results. When you choose our Silicone paper, you’re choosing a hassle-free baking experience.

Our silicone paper is specially designed for baking with a non-stick grade that ensures easy removal of your food after baking, making your baking process easier and more enjoyable. Our silicone paper is available in a variety of sizes and is designed to work with our existing wood baking molds. However, we also accept size customization to meet the individual needs of our customers. Whether you need small cake paper or large parchment paper, we can provide you with the ideal size. In addition, our silicone paper is available in two colors, classic brown and fresh white. No matter what color your baked goods are, you can find the right silicone paper to match, so that your baking works are more beautiful.



Our Silicone paper resonates with the essence of Suqian Dagouxiang - a commitment to quality, efficiency, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. Together, we make your baking process not just easier, but utterly enjoyable. Infuse a touch of simplicity and professionalism into your baking with Suqian Dagouxiang’s Silicone paper. With more than 800 words accentuating its distinctive attributes, we believe this product is a quintessential part of your bakery wrapping supplies. So why wait? Make your baking endeavors a breeze with our Silicone paper. After all, when it comes to quality baking, we rise to the occasion!
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