Gift Wrapping Bags: High-Quality Sugar Cane Pulp Trays With Lids

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  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand name:Takpak
  • Certification:SGS, FDA, CE, FSC
  • Logo:As Your Design
  • Feature:Bio-degradable Microwavable Folding,Eco-friendly

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Suqian Dagouxiang proudly presents an innovative approach to sustainable tableware- the Gift Wrapping Bags, tailored with our premium Sugar Cane Pulp Trays with Lids. Every detail of our product boasts versatility and a profound respect for the environment. The intrinsic charm of our gift wrapping bags lies in the material used - sugar cane pulp. This re-purposed byproduct of the sugar manufacturing process innovatively serves as a sustainable and biodegradable choice for our trays and lids. Thus, aligning with our commitment to reducing the environmental footprint. Featured as a set of tray dividers and lids, our gift wrapping bags offer myriad uses. You can conveniently leverage them for serving, storing, or even presenting various food items. Their sturdy structure guarantees no leakage or spills, making them a reliable choice for any occasion. You can appreciate them as a clear reflection of our meticulous craftsmanship and dedication to quality.

Our sugar cane pulp tray dividers and lids are a versatile and environmentally friendly tableware product. Different from the traditional plate, our products are designed with a variety of compartments, which can be freely combined according to the needs of different food combinations, so that your meals are more diversified. Whether it is salad, staple food, fruit or small food, it can be easily separated and placed, and will not mix with each other, and maintain the original flavor of food. In addition, the plate is equipped with a lid, which can effectively keep the food fresh and sanitary, avoid the invasion of external dust and bacteria. The lid also has sealing properties to prevent food from spilling, making it ideal for takeout.

The lids of our trays ensure the content's freshness and taste stay intact for long duration, making it an ideal choice for both casual and formal gatherings. To top it all, the aesthetic appeal of our sugar cane pulp trays with lids brings a dash of elegance to your table setting, while concurrently ensuring the well-being of the environment. Switching to our sugar cane pulp trays and lids means a stride towards sustainability without compromising on style or functionality. Suqian Dagouxiang invites you to experience the synthesis of eco-consciousness and practicality in our premium gift wrapping bags. Be a part of our green journey and contribute to making our planet a better place to live in.
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