Exquisite Wooden Baking Rings: Perfect Addition to Your Cookie Christmas Boxes

*Suitable for baking breads, pies, Lasagna and tarts, etc. It can also be used directly as a serving tray.

*Suitable for ovens, freezers and microwaves.

*Silicone paper is non-stick grade.

*Wood type: poplar

*Logo: Custom accepted

*Temperature resistance: -20℃~230℃.


  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand name:Takpak
  • Wood type:poplar
  • Certification:SGS, FDA, CE, FSC
  • Logo:As Your Design

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This festive season, Suqian Dagouxiang brings to you an innovative way to elevate your cookie Christmas boxes. Introducing our exquisite Wooden Baking Rings; a stylish and functional addition to your baking essentials. Our wooden baking rings present the perfect blend of visual appeal and practical use. Crafted with high-quality wood, each ring is painstakingly polished and treated to ensure a smooth finish, devoid of any excess burrs. This makes our wooden rings not just safe to use, but also enhances their durability and longevity. What makes our wooden baking rings stand out is their ability to add value to your cookie Christmas boxes. Whether you are a professional baker, a home cooking enthusiast, or someone who loves to gift homemade goodies during the holiday season, these wooden baking rings are an invaluable tool. They help you shape your cookies perfectly, making them an ideal fit for your cookie Christmas boxes. Adding this touch of perfection and uniformity to your cookies instantly enhances the appeal of your cookie Christmas boxes.

Our wood baking rings are made from quality wood that has been carefully polished and treated without excess burrs. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which can help food heat evenly and bake well. In addition, it has an anti-stick function, so that you do not have to worry about food sticking to the baking sheet during the baking process.
To complement our wooden baking rings, we also offer custom silicone paper. This silicone paper has a non-stick grade, which can effectively prevent food from sticking to the baking sheet, so that you do not need to worry about food sticking to the baking ring during the baking process.



Our wooden baking rings are not just about functionality, they also double up as a statement piece for your kitchen arsenal. Their premium look and feel make them a noticeable addition to your kitchen, adding a classic touch to your baking process. So, next time you plan on baking cookies for the Christmas season, remember to include our Wooden Baking Rings to the mix. They are the perfect complement to your cookie Christmas boxes, making your edible gifts even more special. In conclusion, Suqian Dagouxiang’s Wooden Baking Rings offers a unique blend of functionality, style, and festive cheer. Make your cookie Christmas boxes the talk of the town this season with our high-quality, beautifully-crafted wooden baking rings. You'll be sure to impress family and friends with your baking prowess and attention to detail.
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