Exquisite Brown Bag Gift Bags Crafted from White Sugar Cane Pulp

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  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand name:Takpak
  • Certification:SGS, FDA, CE, FSC
  • Logo:As Your Design
  • Feature:Bio-degradable Microwavable Folding,Eco-friendly

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Suqian Dagouxiang introduces an innovative addition to our eco-friendly product line: the White Sugar Cane Pulp Tray with Lid, now reimagined as the ‘Brown Bag Gift Bags’. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability, these sturdy gift bags are made from top-grade white sugar cane pulp, marking a revolutionary leap forward in practical and environmentally conscious tableware products. Indeed, our brown bag gift bags are more than a mere vessel; they represent an eco-responsible choice that aligns with modern consumer preferences. Moreover, we've ensured that each bag possesses structural integrity and practicality, exhibiting the strength and durability to hold a variety of gift items, while their neutral, versatile aesthetic complements any occasion or event. Their unique design, a marriage of simplicity and efficiency, features a lid that provides ample protection to your gifts. Each bag sports the natural, warm hue inherent in its sugar cane pulp origins, enhancing its appeal as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional gift bags.

Our white sugar cane pulp tray dividers and LIDS are an environmentally friendly and practical tableware product. It is made from natural sugarcane fiber and meets food safety standards. The white appearance of the plate is fresh and elegant, suitable for various occasions.
This plate is designed with a divider function, which can separate different foods and not mix together, so it is easy to carry and eat. The design of the lid can keep the food fresh and hygienic, but also prevent the food from spilling, very practical. This plate also has the characteristics of single-use, after use can be directly discarded, without causing pollution to the environment. It is an ideal choice of environmentally friendly tableware, suitable for restaurants, fast food restaurants, take-out and other occasions.

By choosing our Brown Bag Gift Bags, you're not only embracing a sustainable product that reduces environmental impact, you're also choosing a stylish and practical solution to your gifting needs. Relish the satisfaction that comes with knowing your choice of gift packaging supports the health of our planet, without compromising on quality or aesthetic appeal. Suqian Dagouxiang is proud to present these brown bag gift bags, a testament to our ceaseless commitment to eco-friendly innovation. With us, you can rest assured that every product is thoughtfully created, ensuring that you receive only the best. Embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle with our brown bag gift bags - the perfect blend of practicality, sustainability, and style.
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