Charcuterie Container Delight: Eco-friendly Wooden Baking Molds

*Suitable for baking breads, pies, Lasagna and tarts, etc. It can also be used directly as a serving tray.

*Suitable for ovens, freezers and microwaves.

*Silicone paper is non-stick grade.

*Wood type: poplar

*Logo: Custom accepted

*Temperature resistance: -20℃~230℃.


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Welcome to Suqian Dagouxiang, your destination for eco-friendly baking solutions. We take pride in our popular product - the Charcuterie Container, also known as our Wooden Baking Mold. This dual-purpose product is not only environmentally friendly, but also promotes healthier baking, setting us apart in the market. Crafted from environmentally-conscious materials, our charcuterie container doubles as a wooden baking mold, bringing you the best of both worlds. It's designed to be completely harmless to both you and the planet we all share. Baking has never been so guilt-free. Our charcuterie container is more than just a baking mold. It's an accessory for your kitchen, a tool that promises healthier results, and a way to contribute to a more sustainable future. When you choose our wooden baking mold, you're not just baking; you're making a statement about the kind of world you want to live in. With our charcuterie container, every baking experience becomes an event. The distinctive wooden design enhances the aesthetic of your kitchen, while the eco-friendly materials take your baking to a new level of healthiness. The simplicity of our design makes it easy to use for both novice and experienced bakers.


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Our wooden baking molds, made of eco-friendly materials, are harmless to the environment and your health. Embrace the green nature of baking with these eco-friendly molds to add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen.

Made from natural wood, they're a safer alternative to traditional metal molds that can leach harmful chemicals into your food. These molds are perfect for baking bread, cakes, and other treats, and their unique design ensures even baking and easy release. Enjoy delicious meals that are both healthy and environmentally friendly with our wooden molds.

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand name: Takpak

Wood type: poplar

Certification: SGS, FDA, CE, FSC

Logo: As Your Design

Feature: Bio-degradable Microwavable Folding,Eco-friendly

Payment & Shipping

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000

Price(usd): 0.1~0.4

Packaging Details : Poly Bag and Export Cartons Or Customized

Supply Ability: 10000pcs

Shipping: Shipping by Express / Air / sea

Samples Service

 Sample in store is free, freight should be on client's side.

 Customized samples, need sample charges, and the exact charges depends on the final design and  product.

 The samples in store can be sent out within 24 hours, the costom samples need arround 7-10 days.



In summary, our charcuterie container is no ordinary wooden baking mold. It's an eco-friendly, health-oriented model that’s an essential addition to your kitchen. Choose Suqian Dagouxiang for a sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable baking experience. Join the growing number of eco-conscious bakers who are choosing our Charcuterie Container today! Together, we can bake a difference.
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