"Premium Wooden Baking Rings: Ideal for Cookie Gift Box Creation"

*Suitable for baking breads, pies, Lasagna and tarts, etc. It can also be used directly as a serving tray.

*Suitable for ovens, freezers and microwaves.

*Silicone paper is non-stick grade.

*Wood type: poplar

*Logo: Custom accepted

*Temperature resistance: -20℃~230℃.


  • Place of Origin:China
  • Brand name:Takpak
  • Wood type:poplar
  • Certification:SGS, FDA, CE, FSC
  • Logo:As Your Design

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"With our high-quality Wooden Baking Rings, you can bring the vision of your dream cookie gift box to life. Made by Suqian Dagouxiang, a renowned name in the baking industry, our wooden baking rings are crafted from superior wood, polished and treated meticulously to ensure a smooth and burr-free end product. The wooden baking rings are not just tools, they are a gateway to exploring your culinary creativity. With these, you can design and mould your cookie gift box into shapes that suit your aesthetic. Unleash your imagination and let these baking rings revolutionize the way you present your baked delights. The quality of our wooden baking rings is matchless, crafted with the utmost precision to ensure that every cookie gift box you make is a masterpiece in itself. The wood used in the production is of prime quality, treated and polished to perfection. This treatment ensures that there are no extra burrs or rough patches that could potentially spoil the finished product.

Our wood baking rings are made from quality wood that has been carefully polished and treated without excess burrs. It has excellent thermal conductivity, which can help food heat evenly and bake well. In addition, it has an anti-stick function, so that you do not have to worry about food sticking to the baking sheet during the baking process.
To complement our wooden baking rings, we also offer custom silicone paper. This silicone paper has a non-stick grade, which can effectively prevent food from sticking to the baking sheet, so that you do not need to worry about food sticking to the baking ring during the baking process.



Moreover, the natural wood used in our baking rings is aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your baking process. But it's not just about looks - the durability and strength of this wood ensure longevity and a hard-wearing product that will serve you for years to come. Choosing our wooden baking rings means choosing a professional way to create your cookie gift box. Coupled with affordability and unmatched quality, these baking rings are an invaluable addition to your baking arsenal. Experience the joy of baking with equipment trusted by professionals. Perfect your cookie gift box with Suqian Dagouxiang's wooden baking rings."
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